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Role of parents in motivating their child


parents motivate their child

Parents, Teachers, School play a vital role in the development of the child. Parents are the first guiders and mentors in the children’s life and teachers are the second.

Parents play a vital and important role in their children’s life. They motivate and encourage their child to become a successful leader or a motivational influencer. They guide their kids to be a well-mannered and educated person. Good parental support encourages the child to be positive, healthy, and good life long learner.

How parents motivate their child to be a good learner

Praising children for their efforts helps them to get a motivation to do better than this from the next task. Parents and Teachers also use this method; they praise children for their effort used in a task. Sometimes, parents and teachers reward their children for the hard work done by their kids.

This improves the capacity, effectiveness, and efficiency of a child. This creates a mentality in the mind of youths that by pushing some effort they will receive a reward. It’s the best method to motivate a child because praising the process rather than the outcome always the best and preparing the children for the future.

Measures taken by Parents and Mentors while motivating their child

Getting involved in their children's activities also motivate them to learn more. By getting involved in the kid's activity make them feel happy and motivated. Parents should use reinforcement while involving in their activity. During every activity of the children’s reward them and praise them for what they do. Let them make mistakes because kids learn from their mistakes. Make the teacher your ally and get some outside help. Help them see the big picture.

These measures are taken by Parents to motivate their children.

Strategies used by parents to motivate their child
  • Develop an environment of reading
  • Encourage open and sincere communication
  • Focus on your child interest
  • Introduce and encourage different types of learning styles.
  • Introduce them to new people and make them communicate
  • Share the enthusiasm for learning.
  • Make learning fun through game-based learning.
  • Focus on their learning, not on their performance.
  • Make their child socially active.
  • Help your child stay organized.
  • Recognise and celebrate achievements.
  • Focus on strength.
  • Make every day a learning day
You know parenting and youth’s upbringing go together! All kind of development in a child from birth to a young age, parents plays an important role.

Cognitive Development: During this phase, a child develops problem-solving skills. If you are a good parent, then you will improve your child's cognitive, mental, and interaction skills. They will learn to understand the problems and how to solve them. If you have much real drama on TV, today many kids under 5 years are involved in the singing platform show, dancing show, and drama show. That’s just because they have great skills to recognize, capture, and understanding traits.

All the credit goes to positive parents!

Social Involvement: Children learn everything from the house. How their daddy behaving with his/her mother, how elders talk to each other, and so on. Whatever goes inside the house, they capture and do it outside. Only a family can teach them good values to today’s youths. It reflects in their friend's zone with whom are roaming, performance in the school, and how they welcome the guest at home. “Pranam” and “Namaste” by the kid show their moral value at home.

Mental Development: Innovative, fast-catching kids are appreciated by everyone but do we should do that? No, because every child is unique in its own way. If one child excels in the study, then maybe another child has singing talent. We should not doubt their capability. Mental development is very important from the initial stage of a child. Seeing today's situation where youths and small children choosing death when something bad happens to them, our parents should motivate them to accept the failures and how to overcome from this.

There are a lot of other development areas such as physical, spiritual that are uniquely important. If you are a single mother or parents, please support them in every situation, motivate them. They just need your love and understanding.

I am Amili Hudson and I love to write blogs on different niches such as technologies, trends, family, love, and IT.

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