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Is Podcasting a Promising Career?


Have you ever wondered how the trend of podcasting came into existence? I was curious too, so I Googled it. Apparently, the credit for this invention goes to two guys named Adam Curry and Dave Winer; they are known to make the very first podcast ever, back in 2004. Not long ago making podcasts hardly meant more than a hobby or a means to express yourself, like art and writing. Now it has gained commercial value and people are earning good money doing it.

If you ever considered doing podcasts fulltime to make a living, I’m guessing you already have a channel and maybe a reasonable fan following. Despite the fact that podcasts have gained considerable recognition in recent years, the competition is becoming tougher by the second. There are dozens of amazing podcasts series out there, and thus bringing something truly original and exceptional is a challenge. Surprisingly, we have reached the point in time where job openings for podcasters are available on websites like Indeed, although they are still scarce.

You may possess raw talent when it comes to creating podcasts and I assume an audience appreciated a couple of your masterpieces. Even though that works in your favor, it does not mean you are ready to make it your sole source of income. Many people have optimistically quit their 9 to 5 jobs and to pursue podcasting, but then took a sharp U-turn when they were driven to the verge of filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Before you make the life-changing decision of turning podcasting into a fulltime career, you need to stabilize your finances. Build a savings account that should cover at least six months of your living expenses. Next, you need to orchestrate what your podcasts will showcase, and arrange for a backup plan in case your first instinct backfires. If you previously did podcasts as a part-time gig and earned more from it than your 9 to 5 job salary, there is hope. Whatever subject or strategy you are implying must be working for you. The question is ‘will you be able to maintain that for many years to come’? Jokes that become old lose their humor and stories told over and over again lose their charm.

The goal is to keep your audience captivated and remember that one amazing podcast will heighten the expectations for the next. Do you have what it takes to preserve your prestige in the face of new competition that never ceases? Making podcasts is an activity that involves a lot of creativity, and creative people are always full of ideas. A surplus of ideas can become an obstacle if you have a hard time committing to one concept at a time. If you are a person who has multiple podcasts in the making and several abandoned projects, all I can say is Yikes!

In order to make a career out of podcasting, it is very important to be consistent. As a professional, you shall be obliged to release weekly content or follow a schedule. Delay or long gaps will have a negative impact on your image and your fan base may deteriorate. Moreover, you must be at home with the content you publish. If your podcasts lack passion or a genuine voice, listeners will certainly detect the detachedness.

Scoring a podcasting job is certainly a great start as compared to self-publishing. It will provide a great deal of exposure, a steady learning ground, and prepare you for an independent career later in life. As jobs in this field are limited, you need a stunning portfolio to convince employers to hire you. More than often, a person has all the qualifications for becoming a star podcaster, yet lacks the tools. That is where agencies like ‘All Things Comedy’ and ‘At Will Media’ can help you live your dreams, and reach for the stars.

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