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How to Improve Video Conferencing while Working Remotely In 2021?


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Video conferencing remote work is the new norm these days.

Web video conferencing has always been present but its importance grew twice higher with the pandemic’s presence. Previously in-person engagement was considered as the highly prioritized form of engagement, but with remote working coming into the picture, this form of communication has switched to a virtual form. When remote working started, not many users were confident about how this would work.

In a working organization, team meetings, productivity, customer support all required instant interactions. But for the past one year living at home, businesses and users have realized that workplace video conferencing is the preferred choice.

From conducting web meetings to connecting with peers instantly, video conferencing has proved over time how impactful and easy it is to get started.

Having said this, are you unleashing the true potential of a remote work video?

Remote working is here to stay now that productivity and engagement seem to unfold well. Hence to help you understand how you can improve your current video conferencing experience, read along to collect all the insightful tips.

In this article, We have explained,

1) How Can Remote Working Forces Enhance Their Experience With Video Conferencing In 2021?

       Making it convenient to join remote meetings

       Upgrading every web meeting

       Delivering better security measures, control options, and flexibility

2) Why Is CONTUS MirrorFly The Perfect Video Conferencing API And SDK Provider?

3) Conclusion

How Can Remote Working Forces Enhance Their Experience With Video Conferencing In 2021?

Now that you have a better understanding of why video conferencing matters, it’s time to learn how you can make use of such a platform efficiently.

In this section, we have divided the content into three-pointers. With each pointer, you’ll learn in detail how remote working forces can enhance their video conferencing better especially in 2021?

1. Making It Convenient to Join Remote Meetings

How many times have you exited a meeting or got annoyed because the meeting network was horrible? Did you know that the video conferencing network can be improved when you invest in a reliable video conferencing solution?

Previously in-person engagements avoided the hassle of having to experience any errors. Since the work activities have been moved remotely, this issue needs to be eliminated quickly.

The best way to enhance video conferencing is to choose web conferencing software that manages all your networks.

For instance, there are API providers that offer video rest API wherein they provide flexible development of video call functionality & control over handling loads of incoming & outgoing calls through a hassle-free integration of Video calling API from your back-end server via HTTP protocols.

Let’s understand the importance of this factor in a simpler manner. Capturing a client’s attention is difficult. Hence it is a huge factor if they have decided to schedule a call with you. In such cases, would your client offer to speak to you if the process to get connected with you is difficult?

If your client had to face the above issue, they would immediately walk away.

Hence always ensure that the video conferencing solution you use ensures that getting connected is a simple process.

2. Upgrading Every Web Meeting

Now that you have made the process of connecting in meetings easy, it’s time to leverage it. Elevating a meeting should be your next priority. Previously in-person meetings had a person writing the details of the meetings, a whiteboard listing the ideas, and also a projector that could help display the ppts.

Now that you’re working remotely, how can the same be applied in your meeting sessions?

Here is when video conferencing comes into the picture.

You don’t just invest in a basic video conferencing solution; you need to use the one that can help you conduct all the above actions.

To name a few are providing whiteboards to write down ideas, having a chat platform to engage or solve queries. Also, having screen sharing so that ppt contents can easily be shared. There are also a few video conferencing API providers that add more to this list.

For instance, a few of them allow their users to watch videos or third-party links via a floating window. They also let users customize the video call screens in a video call API on the basis of user’s preferences when engaging with other participants.

Every web meeting needs to be meaningful so that it can impact the productivity and workflow of a business or for a user successfully.

3. Delivering Better Security Measures, Control Options, and Flexibility

The last and most important factor that can help enhance remote working forces’ experience with video conferencing is by offering the important factors that are required. The online world is huge.

In fact, most online crimes take place because of small negligence or mishap that occurs. Online hackers are waiting for an opportunity to interfere in weak systems. Now that remote working is here to stay, the chances of such dangers are high. Hence it is important that your video conferencing is enhanced with great security, is flexible, and lets the admins have better control over the video sessions.

For instance, when choosing a video conferencing solution, ensure their security measures are high-end. To give you a better example would be providing end-to-end encryption, providing cloud infrastructure, lets you have full data ownership, and more.

Similarly, when it comes to having control over the video conferencing actions, it’s great if remote admins have certain controls.  To name a few are centralized administration, screen sharing, and more.

All these measures will easily contribute to a safer and secure video conferencing experience.

Did you know that there is one API solution that provides all the above-listed factors? We have covered it in our next category.

Why Is CONTUS MirrorFly The Perfect Video Conferencing API And SDK Provider? 

CONTUS MirrorFly lets you build an HQ live video calling experience with its video call API and SDK for web and mobile apps.

It offers 100% customization solutions and close to 150+ features to its users.

Its feature-rich video calling API and SDK brings you the easy flexibility to build a highly scalable and unsurpassed video chat app.

At CONTUS MirrorFly, the team understands that every client of theirs is different which is why they offer their solution best suited to cater to all kinds of unique requirements.

From providing video encryption to browser support, CONTUS MirrorFly is the complete web meeting APIs business solution to use in 2021.

Let’s have a better look at the features they offer,

       Video rest API

       Picture in the picture across devices

       Unlimited and secure file sharing

       Real-time active directory sync

       End to end encryption

       Off-screen sharing

       Network access control and more 


And that’s a wrap.

You have the complete list of how you can enhance video conferencing for customers/ clients/peers.

Having said this, creating a video conferencing solution should be your preferred choice as it helps you to uniquely cater to your clients better.

The right video conferencing API solutions can help you customize your video conferencing solution better as well as offer features that are bound to enhance the video experience even more.

So, when do you plan to get started?

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