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Most Effective Ways to Overcome Integral and Derivative's Problem

Calculus, the field of vast calculations and rate of change problems, isn't that easy to deal with. Two concepts of calculus, the integration and differentiation are fundamental concepts and thus need to be solved most frequently in calculus problems.

Solving simple and short problems could be an easy procedure, however, dealing with extensive integral and derivative problems is challenging and a time taking task. Moreover, manual calculations also bring chances of errors and miscalculations.

Thus in order to solve integral and differential equations error free and effectively, the best option is to use their online calculators, i.e. integral calculator and derivative calculator. These calculators assist students as well experts in solving the problems of calculus.

In the article below let us see how integral calculator and derivative calculator are the most effective ways to overcome integration and differentiation problems.

Derivative Calculator

Derivative calculates the magnitudes of a function’s rate of change in accordance with change in properties. While the differentiation is the process of finding the derivative of a function, calculating which is not as easy as it sounds. 

Differential calculus comprises various extensive equations to solve the derivative problems, specifically the ones that need to be differentiated more than once. Therefore, to facilitate the students in solving the tough calculations of differentiation there are many online tools available. 

Derivative calculator is among the convenient online ways that makes the procedure of solving differentiation easily and rapidly. It is an online tool designed to calculate the derivative of a function.

Or in other words, it is an online problem solver in which you can solve differentiation while receiving step wise results. No matter what variable you choose or how many times you need to differentiate your function, a derivative calculator solves probes accurately.

Moreover, differentiation whether explicit or implicit could be solved using the online derivative calculator. 

How to Solve Differentiation Using Derivative Calculator?

The derivative calculator simplifies the procedure of solving differentiation in a short span of time. When compared to manual calculations, solving problems using a derivative calculator is a lot more rapid and convenient. The procedure to calculate derivative of a function using a derivative calculator is given as under.

Open your favorite browser and look for the online derivative calculator. Choose anyone from the top tools available. 

To solve calculating your differentiation problem. Simply, copy or type in your equation in the input box after accessing the derivative calculator.

Then select the variable your function contains, whether it’s ‘x’ or ‘y’ in your equation.

Next step is to choose how many times you require your function to be differentiated. With a derivative calculator online you can choose as many times as infinitely as there are no limits. 

Lastly, just click on “calculate” and in less than a few seconds your tough differential problem will be solved.

Integral Calculator

To simplify integral problems, it demands a lot of time, particularly the complex integration problems. Moreover, as for higher calculus problems, calculating the integral of a mathematical function is frequently required. 

The integral calculator is a math problem solver that allows you to enter numerous integration problems to be solved for free. However, the integral of any complicated function will be calculated using an online calculator for integration calculations, which is able to calculate any integral. 

This tool performs integral calculation on an entered function, and tries to simplify the formula. You can do integration and antiderivatives of functions using the Integral Calculator. It supports all standard integration techniques and even specific functionalities.

In case you don’t want to solve the whole problem using a calculator you can cross check any step you like. As the integral calculator gives you an opportunity to see how your calculus answers turnout by providing step by step solutions. 

Therefore, it gives you an opportunity to practice by letting you see the whole functioning (step by step integration). Moreover, the definite and indefinite integrals (antiderivatives) as well as integrating functions with numerous variables are supported by the Integral Calculator.


Calculating calculus problems is an effort requiring a time taking procedure, as it constitutes extensive notions and expressions. The fundamental concepts of calculus, the integration and differentiation specifically entails solving tough and extensive functions. In order to minimize the chances of error during the calculations and save time also the best approach is to use derivative and integral online calculators. Integral and derivative calculators have relieved the stress of students as they ultimately guide them to solve problems.

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