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BJJ Leg Workout To Help You Find Balance on the Mat

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a very intense form of combat that involves a lot of techniques. Due to intense workout, movement, and strategy building, it is also known as human chess. Your movement at the board is just like the movement of the chess pieces on the chessboard. Everything needs to be thoroughly evaluated and calculated before you take the next step or plan your next move. This will help you add precision, intensity, and accuracy to your overall BJJ performance. One of the most important parts of BJJ is finding balance. As an athlete or even as a person who has been working out, balancing is one of the most neglected parts of the workout routine. Since grappling is all about staying in balance and using a good enough strategy to impact the balance of your opponent, it is very important to start practicing.

With the help of this article, we will mainly talk about the importance of balance training within combat training and BJJ practices. We will further mention some of the easiest yet most effective balancing routines that you can use as a professional grappler.

What Is Balance Training And Why It Is Important?

When you are on the mat, your goal is to stay in balance and use your body balance to acquire submission. From walking to running and even when you stand up, your body is continuously trying to balance the body weight. However, this is a simple process that is completely done unconsciously. Most people claim that they do not even need any balance training. However, as the body starts aging, it impacts the body balance as well. Eventually, this starts to impact your overall lifestyle and your performance on the mat. The best way to ensure that you perform better is to rely on balancing training.

Simple Balancing Exercises That Can Help With BJJ 

There are so many different balancing workouts that are good for beginners as well as professionals. Some of these training include:

One Leg Balance

Easy, effective, and very simple workout. You just need to stand on one leg and try to balance your weight. After just one minute, switch the leg. Your goal should be to increase your leg capacity with time.

Butterfly Pose

Butterfly pose is a yoga-based stretch that will help you increase your lower body flexibility. You just need to sit on the ground and get into a butterfly pose and hold it for at least three minutes.

Bridge Pose

This is another very important yoga pose where you have to stretch your lower back. It is also very good for overall body balance.

Achilles Stretch 

For this, you need to stand in front of a box and keep your foot on the box. Now stretch your foot in a way that it travels to the heel.

Jump Rope

Jump rope is a simple but effective workout that will improve your core strength and your toe flexibility.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, you do not have to dedicate a whole hour or a whole day to balancing training. You can just rely on simple yoga poses and your basic balancing routine. Even if you do not have to visit the gym for the balancing training. Relying on simple dynamic stretches while you sit on a chair is also enough. However, professional stretching and balancing techniques will help you improve your overall workout progress which is very important.

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