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The four-leg lock BJJ skills, you need to know.

As we know, in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu community most of the explosive techniques are utilized to knock down the opponents. So, one of the well-known explosive skills that have been used in jiu-jitsu for ages is the leg lock technique.  Leg locks have consistently had an unsafe relationship with the BJJ standard, as they were once viewed as modest and simple entries for a surprisingly long time. If you are a beginner, learning various techniques, especially engaging your lower leg, can be quite challenging and disheartening. Along with that, it’s also important to execute the techniques in the correct way. 

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Today, I will discuss four leg lock BJJ techniques with you, but you need to understand them and must practice as much as you can. 

Get a training partner first. 

You must find a perfect training partner for yourself, it’s essential to observe somebody, who can perceive that you are leaving with an end goal to really gain proficiency and they ought to be available in learning various kinds of drilling techniques with you. Also, both of you must have enough knowledge about how you have to execute these techniques appropriately. 

Ankle lock technique. 

With regards to the leg lock, the ankle lock technique should be every athlete’s weapon store. It is also a successful technique, and just like the straight ankle lock, it is moderately simple to control and can be executed more easily. Most people get confused that armbars and kneebars are the same skills, but there is much difference in both of them. So, in the armbar, your arms are involved, as the switch to apply power to at the hand or wrist, while on the other hand in a kneebar, your legs are utilized as a switch, in order to execute the power. 

Make sure to put your rival's knee on your stomach as this is fundamental while spraining your opponent's leg, involving the knee as the main turning point.

Ankle lock. 

This technique is mostly utilized by beginners because it’s very easy to execute. In order to execute the ankle lock submission, you need to grab one of the legs of your opponent, so that they can’t be able to secure/defend themselves. In a similar way, grab their other leg and cross it over to the other leg you are assaulting. Now take a step and secure the position, and get back to make an ankle lock. 

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Toe hold submission. 

In the toe hold submission technique, you actually twist the ankle of your opponent, by grabbing their foot, subsequently spraining their ankle (lower leg). The aim objective of the toe hold technique is to prevent your opponent from kicking back and from turning off their leg. In this way, you would be able to seize their movements, with the help of your secured leg so that you can apply tension on your opponent's leg for adjustment.

Calf slicer technique. 

In order to execute the calf slicer technique, you need to execute some pressure on the calf or thigh muscles of your opponent’s leg. The pressure is so fierce that it is being felt in the leg bone. Such leg slicers can be utilized as viable leglocks technique to the knee through an isolating and prolonging movement

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